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DysCypher was formed to manage the Farnborough Dyslexia & Learning Centre, which is a private tutoring organisation using computers and specially designed software called SureSpell with lessons produced under the heading of DysCypher.

SureSpell was developed  by our son Paul in Perl and the utilities to put the programme together were developed by another son called Ralph.

These procedures were used to develop the cerebellum, connect or reconnect the neural pathways in the brain as well as to improve memory and organisational skills. Not only did this help those who are dyslexic (dysphonetic and/or dyseidetic) but also those who have other speech and language disorders, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and behavioural difficulties such as ADD/ADHD.

We are sorry but we have now retired and spend our time doing or helping others do their Family History. This website is now only historic and is used to link our family web pages together.

Last Modified 10th December 2012